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Skate Or Die!

What a cool video game. I liked the music. I remember there was an episode of that old show “Doug” where he was watching some show religiously about a skateboarding hero who could fly off the edge of a mountain and be totally fine because his skateboard had wings. So Doug went nuts and decided he needed to get himself one of those boards at all costs. He saved and saved and saved…

I recently surfed over to, where they have a huge selection of boards, pads, and general skating equipment. Great prices, quick shipping. Tons and tons of brands, especially Sector 9. The Sector 9 skateboards look pretty neat.

I’m thinking has a huge enough selection that any Doug fanatic could probably engineer their own version of the Hero Skateboard, wings and all, with a glint of light shining at all times, even in the dark. A board so powerful that it almost floats up off the ground while at rest.

Gleam the Cube!

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