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Grandfather Clocks – Kings Of Style

Do you own a grandfather clock? I do. It’s neat. Functional and attractive. I remember hearing about a grandfather clock from a kids’ sci-fi story that had actual control over the flow of time. It was a cuckoo clock. So some kid climbs up on a chair and turns back a dial a few years. All of a sudden he’s three years younger! Crazy. I’ll bet someone who knew what they were doing could use that clock to wreak havoc with the stock market!

I was perusing and I learned something. Did you know there’s such a thing as a Grandmother clock? I never knew that! Anyway, I found a pretty cool grandfather clock, cool because I’ve never seen one quite like it, and it seems almost futuristic. It’s a Kieninger Montauk grandfather clock, and it looks pretty modern, pretty up to date. If I had one of those, I think I might put it near the kitchen. Next to the dinner table maybe? Or perhaps in the dining room…

One thing I enjoy about is that they have links to the sound each grandfather clock makes. That makes things so much easier!

I was reading their blog, and saw that clocks count in home design. That makes perfect sense, but I’d never really thought about it before. It does seem correct that certain clocks and grandfather clocks can really add a level of class and distinction to an otherwise ordinary room.

I never knew how huge a selection of clocks there is. I mean, at the site, even after getting specific and limiting the search to just grandfather clocks, you can still sort by maker. So getting even deeper into the world of clocks, selecting howard miller clocks, you’d expect there to be very few, right? But there are tons! And they all look great.

Someone with a decent budget could probably use this one site to build a replica of the opening scene of “Back to the Future.” Seriously.

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