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I love Cadbury Eggs so much, I think I might go buy some on discount. But better to get the fresh ones. I once found one from like 3 years prior, and it was… not so fresh. More like “expired.” But still delicious! J/k

In order to fund my addiction to Cadbury Eggs, I’ve been thinking about creating my own Post Office. I think I’ve found just about everything I need to do it. VistaPrint provides a ton of related services, printing included. They can print address labels, checks, magnets, postcards, and stamps. Who’d have guessed stamps? Not me. But now I know better. A good post office offers plenty of customization, which is just what provides for all their products. You can even get a rubber stamp, to prove you’re in the Big Time!

Maybe I don’t need to set up a new Post Office, just for Cadbury eggs. It does make sense to go buy extra Easter candy (for those who are fans) after the fact, because of the inherent savings. But you can also save with…coupons! And guess who just so happens to offer a coupon for stamps? VistaPrint! Use the coupon code “Stamp25” during checkout, and you’ll save 2.5 tenths of a straw penny. No, make that 25% off your entire stamp order! That’s better…

I wonder if I could go somewhere in the world and find a Cadbury Egg the size of an Ostrich Egg? Then I could use the discount stamps from VistaPrint and send it back to America! I’d be king…

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