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Eating Popcorn Can Kill You!

I can't believe this. I read an article written by some Yahoo that popcorn contains an ingredient that can be extremely harmful when present in a large enough quantity.

"Diacetyl, a component of artificial butter flavoring, can cause a condition known as lymphocytic bronchiolitis," which can become life-threatening.

The FDA started an investigation last September because some dude out there in the "real" world was eating multiple bags of popcorn per day, and he unknowingly stumbled right into the trap.

The trap being that if you eat enough popcorn, you will get diacetyl disease.

Usually that condition is limited to popcorn package plant workers and lab rats. But some consumers (subconsciously) want in on the action too, and take it upon themselves to push the limits of physical and psychological endurance. "Let's see how many artificially-buttered, chemically-infused popcorn kernels I can ingest today. One… two… … two-hundred ninety eight… 299 ……… 6,473……*cough*cough*"

Sure, everything in moderation. And sure, who eats three bags of popcorn in a 24-hour period? (movie critics)

But seriously. Any kind of chemical that can be lethal or disease-causing in high doses should be eliminated from prepackaged food. Shouldn't it?

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