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Happy Easter!

Whether you're orchestrating the most massive egg hunt in all of history, participating in said egg hunt, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, watching TV, playing video games, working, working out, working out your problems, working out at work while working out your problems, or whatever… have a Happy Easter!

Let's see, my ideal Easter would have me waking up after a restful sleep to see the biggest Cadbury Egg in the world outside. At least 2 stories tall. So I'd exit the building, climb up a conveniently-placed ladder next to the chocolate monument, and punch a hole in it. Then I'd jump inside, into the sugary goo… and… eat 'til I die! No, wait, I don't want to die… Let's get back to reality, here!

Ok, my real ideal Easter would have me waking up, yadda yadda, and then I'd walk over to a table with a mountain of Cadbury Egg packages. To the ceiling! I'd spend the day eating those chocolate easter eggs. And puking. No, wait! I don't want to eat until I throw up… Hmm…

My super real ideal Easter would have me achieve enlightenment as the world attains a lasting peace. And throw in a couple of those Cadbury Eggs. Yes! Now that sounds like a good time…

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