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Crazy Experiences On Vacation

I was once vacationing in Atlanta, and I had this crazy experience. I was walking down a street with some friends, and all of a sudden we hear kids laughing from nearby, and the sound of water running. A little bit closer we could see they were playing on a Slip ‘N Slide. But it wasn’t a real Slip ‘N Slide! It was trash bags and a hose!

It was funny. I guess those kids got brainwashed by the ‘ol TV and begged and begged for “Slip ‘N Slide!” “Slip ‘N Slide!” Until finally someone had enough and went to the trouble of making their own.

So now you know, world, the secret formula behind homemade Slip ‘N Slides. Next week, the secret method for preparing a meal of blowfish.

Lucky for me, I didn’t require a list of things to do in Atlanta at the time. I was having too many crazy experiences (one after another, left and right!) to bother to worry about family vacation ideas.

But… Trusted Tours & Attractions ( could help in that regard. Like say you're going to San Francisco. What to do? Maybe see an Alcatraz tour. “Hey, what should we do in San Francisco?” “Let’s go to jail!” “All right!!” Fun for the whole family… has a newsletter to keep you apprised of up-to-date goings on. If you sign up before Monday, March 31st (2008), you just might win an IPOD Nano…

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