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Got Drugs?

I just watched a “Little Bush” cartoon episode featuring the use of massive doses of prescription medications. It was a wild and wacky time when the kids started taking pills. Let’s see, little George became a friendly yes-man, little Condi became angry, and little Cheney became a hippy! Honestly, it’s crazy what’s on TV these days.

The older “George Bush” took something that increased his testosterone. Basically, it acted like Viagra and created a crude and unfortunate situation for him.

But some people really do need the stuff. If you’d like to buy Viagra online, you might try I just found out that the .md extension is really representative of Moldova. But it has also been used for medical things, and for the state of Maryland.

Anyhoo, is a company that establishes itself as a provider of name brand prescription medications only. No generics! And they guarantee the lowest prices around (that is, online).

On “Little Bush,” the kids had to go see a doctor in person to get their pills. Now we don’t have to! They also noticed a huge price differential between the U.S. and Canada. But thanks to the internet and competition, prices should be at a decent level no matter where you are when you log on.

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