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Cyber Socialization

Can you believe how easy it has become to connect with others online? Just a few years ago, computers were for nerds, people with no lives, no social skills. Or so the public thought! Now you can meet people, make friends, even fall in love! Services have sprung up left and right, each claiming to help you connect with compatible singles on a more meaningful level with the top matchmaking site. But which site is the best? can help with that.

I’m not saying is the best dating site. But it has proven itself superior to the now infamous And it does keep a record of all the other dating sites out there. Basically, it’s a repository of dating site information. It ranks sites by category and has articles about dating and site-specific issues. So say eHarmony dumps you, and you need an alternative for your online adventures in love. TruDating lists tons of other dating sites, like

I’ve seen a lot of ads on TV by slamming eHarmony. I don’t know if any of that’s true (get it?), but at least we all have more choices. Just like there are plenty of fish in the sea of dating, there are plenty of dating sites to choose from. And TruDating keeps track of that. So if you’re in the mood for the fastest dates in town, or matches made in cyberspace, or even a dating site that you don’t have to pay a penny for, TruDating could be helpful. Truly, truly, truly.

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