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Coca Cola Really The Pause That Refreshes?

I don't know about you, but I like to drink water. Seriously. When I was younger, I didn't drink water nearly as much as I do now. I had heard that it's good for your overall health, and has ties with weight loss and radiant skin. But I could never seem to enjoy drinking excessive amounts of water.

But I've found that if you have a glass or bottle filled with cool water next to you at all times, you'll drink more than you thought possible.

Did you hear, though, that bottle water has been banned in some cities? It does make sense when you think about all the oil that is consumed and exhaust that is produced in the transport of that water over large distances. Hopefully we can finally clean up our tap situation, and remove all those drugs. Get yer drugs outta mah watuh!!

Any way, Coca Cola. Coke. Cocaine. No, just the soda. When I see it on TV, "Coca Cola, The Pause That Refreshes!!!" I think to myself, "Really?" Because lately I've come to realize that junky stuff like candy and chips tends to build up in the body. It's not easily processed. I mean you can actually feel it after a large greasy meal. And since coke has been compared with battery acid, it just seems weird to present it as an alternative to water.

Well, that's the vibe I get anyway. When I want a refreshing pause, I reach for a cold glass of water. But in the absence of water, a cold beverage of anything might be refreshing. But then it's just the liquid and temperature at work, and not necessarily the specific makeup of the drink. Then again, coke has that "zing" of caffeine and carbonation, and the bite of carbonic acid. It's the good ol' CCC, back to work thanks to FDR!

I really think that an ideal refreshing pause can only be had with pure water. Maybe Holy water. What if they started bottling Holy water? Well, I'd settle for deionized H2O, myself (plus reverse osmosis to pull out all the estrogen and horse tranquilizers).

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