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Today’s Industrial Citizen

I love technology. Things are moving so fast these days, updates and upgrades happen virtually overnight. Actually, I’m still waiting for major gains in CPU speed, but other than that it just seems like you can sit back and let economic competition build you a better tomorrow. People keep coming up with better, faster, safer, and cheaper tools that allow us all to accomplish more than ever before. I wonder what cities will look like in 50 years? Probably like gigantic circuit boards, with lights everywhere.

Usually when I come into contact with some super powerful tool, like an industrial strength magnet, it provokes a good amount of awe. I’m amazed I have access to such useful and powerful items. Like super flashlights, the kind that can be seen for miles away? Way stronger than anything a kid would ever have. Way stronger than disposable emergency lights. Industrial strength. And they’ve got lamps for everything — your driveway, your front yard… If you never wanted to live in darkness, you could go to and buy every light they offer. You’d probably have trouble falling asleep, but hey, some people don’t seem to need it. You could make your own Vegas in your back yard! But your neighbors might not be thrilled…

Seriously, access to military grade lights on — it’s amazing. It’s like NASA shows up and says, “Here, Beaver. Have a laser.” “Golly gee, Mr. Spaceman, thanks!” Then later, “Hey Ma, I made the dog disappear!”

MagnaLight has all kinds of lights, for around your house, but also for you car or truck (like roof mount lights), and regular handheld. But what’s so regular about a flashlight that operates more like a gun? “Bam! I blasted that tree good. Look at the size of that hole!” Lights so bright… And, I’m glad to see some are eco-friendly. That’s good, considering that one of the major actions we’re supposed to be taking is swapping out all our old light bulbs. Oh yeah, I better get on that…!

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