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Learn It Well, Learn It Quick!

I wish we had a learning machine. I mean straight out of sci-fi, the kind of gizmo that could enable a chronic underachiever (Bart!) to become a whiz kid overnight. The next best thing, I guess, would be professional training. Today’s world seems centered on technology. And with the economy in a tailspin, individual entrepreneurship is making a comeback. So learning business and information technology (IT) is probably a good idea. But who has the time?

You do! Just learn online. Like the University of Phoenix. But to really get specialized training, you’ll probably want to go with a company like Global Knowledge (sounds cool, right, like knowing everything? Just call me Faust). specializes in IT and business training. If you wanted, you could go to a special ITIL training facility or center. Or — you could train over the net.

How cool is it that we live in a world where learning is no longer limited to the classroom? Just pop online and upload knowledge to your brain! Well, not quite, but we’re getting there, thanks to companies like Global Knowledge.

I want global knowledge! No, universal knowledge! No, multiversal knowledge! No, omnipotence! But wait, where’s the fun in that? Hmm… If I was omnipotent this issue would be so much simpler…

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