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Archive for March 17th, 2008

Paradox: Front-Page Google Results Include Link To A Dogpile Search

Monday, March 17th, 2008

So, I was thinking of changing my name to something cool, like Stratovarius Megatrend. I'd check into a hotel, and a member of the staff would say, "Sure thing, Mr. Megatrend, I'll take your luggage up right away." Awesome. But could there be a cooler name…? I had to find out.

So I ran a quick search on Google for the exact phrase, "list of cool names."

Almost immediately, I noticed something odd. See if you can spot it:

Google Search Results for List of Cool Names

The 6th result on Google's front page for this specific search term is actually a link to a Dogpile search of a similar term!

Let's see what Dogpile has to offer…

Hmm… I'm curious about something… Let's check back on that Google page:

Ok, ok, and… on Dogpile…?

Wow. Google has 1,720 results. Number 6 is a link to Dogpile, which has 84 results. Granted, the search terms were a little different, but the one used on Dogpile was far less specific! It didn't even use quotes, and it only came up with 84. Plus, it's searching multiple search engines! Weird. Maybe Dogpile says, "I know what is relevant to a far greater extent than the peons of Google or Yahoo. I will selectively remove results that do not suit me." You'd think a search engine would strive for more results, in order to give visitors a greater chance of clicking an ad! And especially since Dogpile's pulling its sources from elsewhere…

I found it most interesting how Dogpile's "Now Searching" area listed Google first! So we search Google, which searches Dogpile, which searches Google, which goes back in time and kills Dogpile's grandfather, who just so happens to be Google's Great-great uncle, and then the universe explodes and implodes simultaneously!

One final thing that jumped out at me was the 6th result on Dogpile. Pretty sneaky, Buzz…