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TV Fiction Turns Real: Episode Two

Ok, this is a little late, so please forgive me. But even after all this time, I still think it's interesting. Especially since it has a similar feel to my earlier post about Dr. Venture and Super Science being real.

On Monday, Feb. 25, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" aired a new episode on Fox. I love that show. At one point in the episode, Cameron (the girl Terminator, protector and aid to the Connors) infiltrated a power station and damaged it in such a way that massive blackouts ensued nearby. She then took advantage of the commotion caused by these blackouts to gather secret information.

On Tues, Feb. 26, in real life, "Widespread outages [were] reported in Florida … [because] a problem with Florida's electrical grid caused a nuclear plant to automatically shut down … and intermittently cut power to up to 3 million people…."

I see three options for an explanation.

Option #1: This whole thing was pure coincidence.

Option #2: Synchronicity is at work, and Dorothy will soon visit the Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Option #3: An Artificial Intelligence has already become self-aware, and is highly amused by the stories of SkyNet. This amusement exists to such an extent that the AI refers to itself by the name "SkyNet," and will attempt to act out what it sees in all forms of media referencing the Terminator. After all, SkyNet see, SkyNet do.

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