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The YAZ Pill: "We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore!"

The first time I saw the commercial for the new birth control pill Yaz, I wondered at their choice of music that was supposed to pump everybody up and get them psyched. The song was "We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore," sung by women (as opposed to Twisted Sister).

Sure, the music has a good beat, and is energetic. But the words! Listen to the words! It's like, "We just came out with this new pill, and we're not going to take it! Neither should you."

Obviously, the choice of song was meant to emphasize that women everywhere need no longer accept the devastation that can come with normal body functions. Minimizing discomfort is a product highlight, so the idea is, "We're not going to just accept a painful situation when this new pill can fix it!" But still, the lyrics seem even more perfect for the idea that YAZ is bad, and women everywhere should never take it again.

Sometimes I see a commercial and it just makes me feel sad for America. I used to just accept commercials. "That's how things are." But when you realize what a commercial is, and what it's trying to do, it loses its appeal and easy acceptability. A commercial is a brainwashing device. It is trying to control your thoughts, behavior, actions, and spending patterns. That's why even the smoothest of the smooth commercials can seem evil. Indeed, I think the smoother a commercial is, the worse it is, because it's better at manipulating the public for its own selfish ends. To manipulate the public effectively, it has to convince us all that doing X is good for us. But why should we really do X? So companies can make money. Of course, successful consumer manipulation is great from a business perspective. But commercials like that are bad from a "leave me alone I'm an American and this is a free country" perspective. Then there's that whole argument that, "Well if it bothers you so much, don't watch TV." Forget that! Try muting the commercials, channel surfing, or if you've got DVR, just kill the suckers and zoom to the future.

Honestly, sometimes I do think about giving up TV altogether just because of the advertising, especially when it pops up during a program.

But Super Bowl commercials are a different story. They're cool, man! Well, most of them. GoDaddy's was kind of lame.

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One Response to “The YAZ Pill: "We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore!"”

  1. Diane Germano Says:

    They used to call this "fascism," on the other hand, what used to be called love is now termed, co-dependence. "Free country," is simply a perspective. No?
    Fascinating, btw.