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Free $150 In Microsoft adCenter Clicks, Plus Free Support *Americans Only*

Frustrated with Google AdWords? You might turn to Yahoo, where the "ad quality" standards are less stringent. But it costs $30 to sign up. So who else is there…? Microsoft! Many have said that they've got softer standards, and some of the lowest costs per click around! And adCenter only requires $5 to sign up. Plus, since they're the new kids on the block, they've got codes all over the internet for free clicks!

You may have seen an offer for a $25 credit.

You may have seen one for $50.

I've got one for $150.

I did a quick search, and came upon this page:

Trying to visit it, both IE and Firefox warn that it may not be a trustworthy site, as something seems to be wrong with its certificate. However, it's part of, so I found it trustworthy enough to visit. I haven't noticed any problems.

Once there, a visitor is presented with a promotional offer of $150 in free adCenter credit for the first 5000 Microsoft Partners to sign up. From what I can tell, a Microsoft Partner is a special VIP of sorts. I'm not quite clear on the requirements.


The page says the first 5,000 people to sign up for adCenter using the promotional code MSPP-150QL-08 by June 30, 2008 will receive $150 in free adCenter credit, and 60 days of QuickLaunch campaign support, in which an expert helps you optimize your PPC campaign for free.

To continue with QuickLaunch after 60 days, you must be spending at least $30 per day.

Participation in QuickLaunch is optional.

To continue with adCenter after 90 days, you must pay for all subsequent clicks. After 90 days, your $150 credit expires.

Minimum cost per click (CPC) is $0.05.

Unraveling The Mystery

"Be among the first 5,000 partners to sign up…"

What do you have to do to be a partner?

"This offer is valid only for new advertisers opening a new account with Microsoft adCenter."

So that's anybody, right?

"Promotional credit good only for residents in the 50 United States and Washington, D.C."

Ok, so anyone new, in America.

Maybe the trick is to go through their special sign up link. And if that doesn't work, here's the regular link.

From what I've heard, when you sign up and enter the promotional code, adCenter will make no mention of your free $150 credit. However, it should appear under the Billing Activity section of Accounts & Billing in your adCenter user area. Also, this should work even if you don't have a Microsoft Partner account.

Randy Walker mentioned how this Microsoft Partner Program $150 promotion is part of the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Certification program. He says you can sign up through the regular link, and using the code you should get the credit, so I think this will work for anybody. Let me know if you try it. Good luck!

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