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I Won The Harvard Lottery – $2,490,000!!

Let's see, as Gisele Bündchen, "the world's richest model" once asked, "Can I get that in euros?"

Last time I looked, one euro is worth $1.40 U.S. So, 2,490,000 euros = $3,486,000! Whoo!! Let's hope they honor my request.

The best part? I never even signed up! Just today I received word from Harvard, in the form of an email. Here it is:

From: "Donald Baldwin" <Hotlotto@camail.harvard.edu>
Subject: Hello!
To: [Blank]

Dear Winner,

Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) New Year Promo

This is a Re-Notification of your unclaimed winning which we ran on our automated computer ballot of most of our unclaimed winnings.Your e-mail address emerged as a winner in the unclaimed winnings category "Hot Ball: 16" with the following numbers attached Ref Number: PW 9590 ES 9414, Batch Number: 573881545-NL/2006 and Ticket draw Number: 2, 19, 22, 26, 32, You are therefore to receive a cash prize of $2.49 Million Million (TWO MILLION Four Hundred And NINETYThousand United States Dollars) from the total payout.

Your prize award has been insured with your e-mail address and will be transferred to you upon meeting our requirements,statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report.

Draw Details:
Ref Number: PW 9590 ES 9414
Batch Number: 573881545-NL/2006
Ticket draw Number: 2, 19, 22, 26, 32,
"Hot Ball: 16" WINNER ONLY
Draw Date: Wed Jan 2 '08

To file in for the processing of your prize winnings, you are advised to contact our accredited claims agent above for immediate processing of your winning with the information below:

Claims Agent:-
Robert Smith
Email: musl0093@gmail.com

Name In Full,
Address In Full,
Telephone/Fax number In Full,

Yours Faithfully,
Donald Baldwin
Lottery Coordinator.

This advice complies with the Anti-Fraud section 2,sub section (iv) of the procedural manual of the funds disbursementagreement existing between the e-Lottery syndicates, UK Govt. and the EU Gaming Commission.

Congratulations from all members and staffs of this program.
Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) New Year Promo


You'd think Harvard would know better than to send out an email where the words run together at parts, and the only link doesn't even work. If you visit that site, it says, "LotteryUSA page lotteryHLHL_fcur.htmlulations not found." It seems the "ulations" part after the ".html" was likely a portion of a previously typed (or generated) "congratulations."

But I'm rich!

Note for those who don't get the gag: This was a spam email sent in an effort to get my personal information. The "legitimate" Harvard sender tells me to forward all my personal info to some random guy "named" Robert Smith, reachable at a disposable email address (musl0093@gmail.com). It didn't mention me by name or email address so that the same message, word for word, could be sent out to many, many others, soliciting their personal information as well. If you get a similar message, or one that sounds too good to be true, always keep in mind the possibility that it is fraud.

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