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Think Ahead, Get Ahead

There are lots of people out there who have become very wealthy with the internet, just by thinking ahead. These people came up with new ideas and techniques that very few others were thinking about. Lots of times it's easy to see someone's success and wish you could duplicate it. The internet is moving so fast these days that duplication can be hard to accomplish. It takes just a couple of years for a brilliant idea to be all used up, with little money left to be made. Many lament the fact that they can't do what the wealthy and successful people did. But you can!

There are stories about domainers, people who specialize in buying, selling, and monetizing domain names. If you owned candy.com, you'd be sitting pretty. Tons of people type their search terms right into their browser's address bar. So if someone wanted candy, they might just type in "candy" or candy.com and get taken to your site, which would just be a parked page. Then they'd see ads. They might click on one, and you've just made a few cents. With such a generic term like "candy," lots and lots of people do the same thing, and all end up arriving to your site as type-in traffic. So you've got heaps of traffic, which equates to heaps of clicks, and heaps of money. Good deal!

That's the kind of thing that attracts so many to domaining. It's the prospect of setting yourself up with a few good domain names, and then sitting back while they earn you money. But there's a problem. Most (or more likely all) of the key generic term domain names are taken! Darn, wish that industry was still young…

See, right there is an example of discovering a past success with making money online, getting enthusiastic and interested, and then realizing that most of the really big opportunities are gone. But there is a hidden truth that many people often overlook.

In other stories of domainers, there's a tale of a man who thought ahead. He set himself up with self-made software programs that would buy up massive amounts of domains. He was doing this before practically anyone else, and was able to get his hands on highly valuable domain names after they expired and were re-released for sale. He made millions.

So here's the deal. Most people focus on the actions he took. He bought domains, made millions. But with the internet moving so fast, actions get old fairly quickly. What we can do to adjust for this is to focus on his thought process. He thought ahead, and made millions. That's what we need to do.

Take YouTube as another example. When it was brand new, only a handful of people knew about it. Not many others were thinking about video sharing. File sharing was growing, but video sharing wasn't being talked about much. YouTube's creators had a vision, saw a need, and built a site to fill it. Their thinking was ahead of most people's. So now that we all know about YouTube, we're caught up right? Don't be so sure… There are still new ideas out there that most people haven't even thought of yet.

Some people would say, "Man! I wish I had thought of that. I should have invented YouTube! But it's too late. All the good ideas are taken!"

People have been saying there is nothing new to be made for hundreds of years, and yet we keep advancing! There are some individuals who are constantly looking for the next big idea. They don't buy in to the "It's too late, the opportunities are taken," mentality. They know that the real money to be made is on the cutting edge, and where there are no opportunities, they make them.

People who think ahead get ahead.

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