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Updated Theme

Today I updated Misinterpreted dot Org's theme to get it further from the default WordPress look. I think I did a decent job, but I can still see areas that I might change in the future.

Part of the reason I did it was because I believe a web site will do better when it looks like time has been put into it. I visited a site yesterday that had an interesting article, but at first I wasn't sure if it was a scraper site that had stolen its content. It was just using the basic WordPress theme, and I've seen other scraper sites do that. In the end, I think the site was non-scraper, but it made me think about how the look of your blog can have a huge impact on the impression you give your readers.

I recently watched a show that had an extravagant title sequence. The show was 2-D animation, but the opening was 3-D. It just added so much, and it made the show seem like there was more to it than 2-D action. I think in some cases, a well-done title sequence might end up being one of a viewer's favorite parts of a show. This could be applied to web sites. If a site looks good, like it has something to offer, the visitor will be more hopeful and friendly toward it. If a site has the best content in the world, but looks generic or poorly-made, a visitor might just dismiss it and miss out.

Bottom line: When it comes to your blog or web site, looks matter.

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3 Responses to “Updated Theme”

  1. Fabien of Small Fish Big Money Says:


    Thanks for stopping by Small Fish Big Money Dot Com,
    The theme is looking pretty good, the car did make me
    quite dizzy, but maybe that's only me.

    Great stuff here on your blog, keep it up,
    hope to see more of this blog soon,

    Small Fish Big Money Dot Com

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Speedlinking - December 20, 2007 | Misinterpreted dot Org Says:

    [...] Clarke wrote about how you can build a custom WordPress theme with no design skills. This ties in with my recent post on why updating a basic theme is a good thing. [...]