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How To Build Traffic To Your Site With Great Content

Lots of times, people will overlook what could be considered the most important key to building up a site's traffic — content. I know that in the past, I've been curious about simple tweaks and tricks that will get more visitors to my site without me having to worry about what they'll find when they get here. But really, when it comes to traffic, content is king.

You hear that idea so many places that it might get old. "Yeah yeah, content is king, whatever, give me the secrets! The tricks the pros use!" In all honesty, I have to say I think "content" really does belong on the list for tricks pros use. Maybe even at #1.

How will great content bring more people to your site? Let's say your site is a notch above unknown. You've got a steady trickle of visitors. Not a whole heck of a lot, but a consistent number, and it's above 0. Imagine if you suddenly put up some amazing content. What would happen? The few people that see your site would say, "Wow! This is great stuff! I've got to remember this site…" Maybe they bookmark you. Maybe they mention your content to a friend or coworker. Maybe they even blog about you, and post a link so more people (and the search engines) can find your site. All these great things will happen because of great content. It's the Great Content Effect.

Now let's say that after a while, your site hasn't changed. There's that one piece of great content, which probably ends up getting its own trickle of traffic from search engines. And that's on top of the original traffic stream, so you're site is now getting more visitors than before. But your original visitors have found nothing new, and see no reason to keep coming back.

So you put up another piece of really great content. The Great Content Effect returns. A visitor says, "Hey, all right, this is perfect! I can't wait to see what they come up with next!" Others tell their friends about your site, and your traffic grows a little more.

Each time you put out great content, you increase the overall value of your site. The more valuable resources there are, the more people will come. Great content = great value = great traffic.

The beauty of using content to build traffic is that it's largely passive on your part! You regularly take the time to write or create something great, something useful and attractive, and then post it on your site. Bam! Done. Now your visitors will do all the heavy lifting, telling others about your site, bookmarking you, and keeping you in mind in the future. You can focus on what matters most, providing excellent content, and the traffic will essentially build itself.

What if rather than great content, you put up something lousy instead? Maybe a Made For AdSense template with old information. A visitor shows up, and if they are decently net savvy, they can tell your site holds less value than they expected. Suddenly your site has made a bad impression, and the visitor remembers not to come back. That can happen again and again. Pretty soon, most of your remaining visitors are all unfamiliar strangers who immediately turn away when they see you don't have too much to offer. There's no repeat traffic, which is a major component to a site's success. And if anyone happens to mention your site, the description won't likely be very positive. The lesson here is that a website is only as good as its content.

The benefits of consistently producing great content are:

  • It attracts repeat visitors
  • It gets people interested in your site
  • Interested people bookmark you
  • Interested people blog about and/or link to you
  • Interested people keep coming back

The Great Content Effect is magnified depending on how much traffic you've already got. The more traffic you start with, the better the results will be. This is because larger groups of visitors seeing your great content for the first time can spread the word more quickly and powerfully than smaller groups. So you can see how this could snowball:

Traffic Level (X) + Great Content = Traffic Level (X+)
Traffic Level (X+) + Great Content = Traffic Level (X++)
Traffic Level (X++) + Great Content = Traffic Level (X+++)
Traffic Level (X+++) + Great Content = Traffic Level (X++++)
Traffic Level (X++++) + Great Content = Traffic Level (X+++++)
…Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

One of the keys to succeeding in business is to provide great value for others. The more valuable you make your site with great content, the more traffic it will receive. And when it comes to making money online, getting traffic is half the battle.

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