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Archive for December 13th, 2007

Trick To Getting The Edge Online

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

I came across a post by Seth Godin, marking expert, called The 7% solution.

He presents the following problem: You're in business. Everyone else is lowering their prices. You must raise yours. What do you do to keep attracting customers, even with the highest prices around?

What could you do to make your blog or website worth visiting, even if you charge all your visitors a fee?

If you can answer that, you know how to achieve the edge online.

The problem Godin presents is a type of scenario that gets you thinking in a different way. When you solve it, you reveal answers to your own questions of, "How do I do better?" and "What should I do differently?" We often already know the answers to these questions, but it is difficult to find them within ourselves without phrasing things just right. Godin's way helps us do that.

Here's another question: If you knew you were going to die if your website didn't reach its goals this month, what would you do? How would you accomplish those goals if your life depended on it?

Sometimes we need to shift our perspective a little before solutions can jump out at us.

There are lots of other questions like these out there. I bet you can think of a few.