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Yahoo Wants You To Vote Democrat In 2008

Saw this on Yahoo:

Yahoo Election 08

I see smiling people on top (Democrats), and non-smiling people beneath (Republicans). Sure, Obama isn't fully smiling, but he still looks happier than Giuliani, Thompson, and Romney.

I think Yahoo wants us to think more favorably of Democratic candidates than Republicans.

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4 Responses to “Yahoo Wants You To Vote Democrat In 2008”

  1. Oleg Says:

    Ha! Fantastic catch. I would never have noticed that. There is a big psychological reason behind showing smiling faces vs. non-smiling. I'm sure subconsciously, Yahoo has changed quite a few votes.

  2. admin Says:

    I'll bet! I wonder how the picture choices came about? My first guess was that the effect had been intentional, but perhaps there is some other reason. Did someone say, "Well, the public hasn't been very supportive of Republicans since all those scandals, so lets give the public what they want and show the 'good guys' on top, and smiling victoriously"?

    Or maybe someone was subconsciously biased and never even realized they had created a rift in facial expressions.

    Or maybe a robot did it!

  3. Truth in Advertising Says:

    If you have EVER had dealings with Yahoo, especially back in the days when they had message boards for each news story, you'd have a different story to tell. They HEAVILY slanted towards the conservative stories, the conservative posters, and routinely censored progressive posts.

    Maybe the reason why the Republiturds in your picture aren't smiling is because they don't have anything to smile ABOUT. They're still so stunned that people have FINALLY woken up to the evil that the Republican Party represents, that they couldn't force a smile if they were getting sex in an airport restroom.

  4. admin Says:

    Wow, I hadn't heard Yahoo was into censorship. It's scary, but makes sense at the same time. What a world we live in…