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Archive for December 8th, 2007

Staying Motivated To Make Money Online

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Since there are thousands of systems out there telling people how to make money online, there must be many thousands of people interested in doing it. I know I am! And as appealing as it sounds to earn a living online, losing momentum will occur from time to time. You hit a snag, a setback, a problem that just won't go away, and suddenly things seem bleak. How can you get back your mojo?

One thing I've found that helps me build enthusiasm is to think of the idea of success. What does success mean to you? What I usually imagine is a scenario in which I've got money coming in on autopilot from the net. And not just a trickle of cents from somewhere. I mean substantial income, enough that I don't really have to worry about financial security.

Money on autopilot!! Don't we all wish. But that wish can keep dreams alive.

Can you see how great achieving that would be? Imagine you've finally done it, you've finally set a system in place or built a website that is extremely easy to maintain, and is a guaranteed generator of revenue. You're making money while you eat breakfast, while you visit with friends, while you watch TV. You make money while you're sleeping! Awesome!!

Ideas like that keep me motivated. I believe there's actually a motivational concept behind that relating to "experiencing results in advance." You get to live your dream in your mind, which keeps you motivated to make that dream come true.

Part of what also appeals to me and motivates me about making money on the internet is the comparison with winning the lottery. The differences and similarities are really interesting. Both ideas pretty much entail financial freedom. If you can successfully make money online, you're pretty much set. If you win the lottery, you're golden! But the lottery is a finite prize. And in the end, the most you can do to ensure success in that area is to buy tickets and hope for the best. But the internet is different. You've got the power. Success is up to you. And if and when you do make it, the possibilities are limitless. You're not tied to a predetermined amount of winnings. If lighting strikes you online, you could potentially make billions. That may be remote, but only slightly more remote than winning the lottery, and a jackpot online is a thousand times greater.

So how do you stay motivated, even when things aren't working out? Think of all the potential wonders and benefits that will come of your success. Just the idea of financial freedom can be a huge motivation to keep working toward your goals.