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Cell Phone Battery Explosions Can Be Fatal

I saw on CNN today that a man's LG cell phone was in his shirt pocket when the battery exploded, killing him. According to the company that makes that device, that scenario is extremely rare. But still, the fact that such an event can occur, even if remotely, is very scary.

I'd heard about laptop batteries blowing up, and how this was made fun of on "The Simpsons." At that point, I figured that explosive devices were rare, to such an extent as to be comical. But now hearing that a phone has killed a man outright, I'm not so sure.

If a phone battery can become explosive under certain circumstances, we are all in danger. Can you imagine what would have happened if he and a friend had been using that phone when it blew up, maybe both leaning in to hear someone on speaker? Or what if he had given it to a child? "Here, kiddo, say hi!"

Even if something is rare, it is still dangerous. There are so many people on earth that rare events tend to happen more than a few times. So how can we save ourselves from Death By Cell Phone?

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