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A Commercial I Hate: "Watch Me Move, Got My Juke!"

When this commercial was first aired a few weeks ago, I thought it was stupid. It's like, "Hey, look at these dancers! Aren't they cool? Our product must be good! In fact, it's lame. But don't pay attention to that, look at the dancers!" "Watch me move, not my Juke (cause it's stupid), Watch me move!"

That's the vibe I got. Then I noticed something. The first dancer makes a somewhat odd face while dancing, but it's no big deal. The second dancer makes a horrific face. It's not very appealing. Here's a link to the commercial so you can see. It happens at 0:10.

Weird, huh? I find myself shielding my eyes every time I hear that familiar jingle. If you didn't get a good enough look, just wait until it comes on TV again. I think you'll be unpleasantly surprised. And there's still one more reason this commercial bothers me!

Juke… Juke… I know it's like Jukebox, but the word seems dirty. It sounds kind of like dookie, another word for fecal matter. So the phrase "Got my juke," seems to evoke an image of someone dancing around holding a piece of excrement. Fresh out of the oven, and as moist as can be!

If it wasn't for this one commercial, I might not feel so negatively about the Juke. After all, it looks pretty neat. But it's too late. "Juke" — eew!

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4 Responses to “A Commercial I Hate: "Watch Me Move, Got My Juke!"”

  1. Kaitlin Says:

    i loveee this.
    i love my jukee.
    its soo like totally amazing.
    like yeah.
    like i cannot live without it.
    like totz move like my juke.

  2. admin Says:

    Ha ha, "jukee," that's funny! I never thought of that.

  3. Marishka Says:

    i think the commercial is pretty amazing i love my juke
    & every time someone sees my phone theyre lk
    the faces aren't made for any reason except for the fact that they are dancing REALLY hard
    as for the name it doesn't sound like dookie at all, nor does it provoke the image you explained

  4. casey Says:

    i got a juke and the first time my friend saw it he said "can you move like your juke?" lol and i LOVE that commercial. i was trying to find that song as a ringtone. i heard a rumor that it comes free with the juke but i guess not