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When Worlds Collide: Peter Petrelli and Scrubs

I don't usually watch the show, "Scrubs," but today I made an exception and tuned in for a little bit. During one episode, a woman was remarking on a rooftop beach how death had been a motivator in her life. She said, "It forced me in the 8th grade to ask Peter Petrelli to the sock hop."

"Heroes" has become one of my favorite shows, if not #1. And whenever I hear the name of a character I like, which is pretty much all of them, I think, "Awesome!" It's like randomly hearing the sound of an electric guitar and being blindsided by the sudden and brilliant Force of Cool!

Almost as soon as I heard the woman say "Peter Petrelli," I thought, "Did I hear her correctly?" I had to check the net. Surely there must have been other reports from people who made the same connection.

After a little while, I came upon a search query that gave me what I was looking for. Yes, other people caught the quote, and they were just as surprised as I.

In all honesty, one of the first places my mind went upon hearing his name on "Scrubs" was to a theory about his time travel ability coinciding with the power to phase from one dimension to the next. That way, he could move from the "Heroes" universe, to the "Scrubs" universe… to our universe! Save the Cheerleader, Pete!!

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4 Responses to “When Worlds Collide: Peter Petrelli and Scrubs”

  1. Joe Says:

    I was on the computer, and I had Scrubs on in the background and heard the name "Peter Petrelli." I immediately turned around and thought to myself "Did she just say Peter Petrelli?" and here I am. On the net, looking it up. Nice perspective on it. Peter Petrelli can time travel, and possibly enter the universe of Scrubs, but would he be an 8th grader? Sorry if I bursted your bubble. So far, Peter doesn't have the ability to change his age.

  2. admin Says:

    Wow, I never thought of that! Let's see… He could go back in time to meet the shape-shifting woman, before Sylar killed her. Then he could make himself look like he belongs in eighth grade. Or, he could go back in time and visit his seventh grade self and spend a year teaching him how to use his dormant super powers. Then when his younger self reaches eighth grade, he could travel to the other dimension.

    I'm thinking it's possible there is no need to jump through dimensions though. I know I wrote that it would come in handy, but maybe all that needs to be considered is alternate timelines.

    If that's the case, it's possible Peter Petrelli or Hiro or Sylar (who somehow acquired time travel) went back to some point in the past of Heroes and changed history somehow. Then all of reality skewed off like in BTTF2 to create an alternate timeline, in which Peter Petrelli was naturally asked to the Sock Hop in the 8th grade, without any further efforts on his part or anyone else's (except for the girl afraid of dying without having lived). That would mean that the entire Scrubs universe is really just an alternate timeline (existing in the present) for the entire Heroes universe. So when we watch Scrubs, there is the fact that no one went back and fixed things (i.e., undid the historical changes that created the alternate timeline and eliminated the version of the present that we see in Heroes). But when we watch Heroes, it's showing the correct version of the present, either before a change in the past, or after someone undid that change.

    Or, maybe Scrubs is the original and correct timeline, and the Heroes universe is part of an alternate Scrubs timeline (caused by someone who changed something in the past…)

  3. Eric Says:

    I am a hardcore scrubs fan and love the show Heroes and i need to know, what episode was this from, i have to rewatch it!!!

  4. admin Says:

    Season: 5
    Episode: 13
    "My Five Stages"
    More Info at TV.com