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Seinfeld Cashes In With "Bee Movie"

Recently I've noticed quite a few different "Bee Movie" ads on television. First, I saw the "TV minis," long commercials designed to entertain as well as inform those watching that Seinfeld is indeed a part of a movie. And that we should all see it. Ok, cool. Then I noticed the ads that used "Bee Movie" scenes and voices, but were also advertising other things. I've seen the McDonald's one. That might be it there. Then I saw one where Seinfeld is doing the HP Pavilion notebook PC hand thing, and he works in another couple of "Bee Movie" plugs.

So. Seinfeld is getting paid for doing "Bee Movie," and also for helping sell Happy Meals, and also for promoting computers. He's gotta be raking in the cash!

I had wondered at one point why we don't see many commercials like the "Bee Movie" + McDonald's combo after the relevant film has lost the status of being "brand new." I figure it must be the allure, the mystery, and the appeal of a new film that is being pushed to the public. We're advertised in so many other places to go see "Bee Movie" that when a commercial comes on and seems to reveal part of the film, we're all eyes and ears. Or maybe just the younger generation pays attention? "Wow, 'Bee Movie' is on TV! Hey, can we go to McDonald's? Pleeeeaasssssseee??"

Excellent work!

I'm sure the appeal is there for all celebrities (and pretty much everyone else, for that matter) to "cash in" whenever possible. But still… I wonder if Seinfeld is afraid he won't get similar endorsement deals in the near future? I don't see why not. I can imagine him doing many more high-profile projects. Bills to pay? Or maybe an empty money pool…

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