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Has Windows Vista Failed?

A few weeks ago, I would have said that given time, Vista will become the dominant MS OS. I had read someone comment somewhere that XP had a similar start, where people weren't sure whether to upgrade, and there were a lot of bugs and kinks that needed to be worked out. After the first Service Pack came out, however, the mass upgrades went into effect. So I just figured once Vista fixes itself, its time will come.

But then yesterday, I saw another one of those Mac vs. PC commercials. I hadn't seen them in a while, so it surprised me. What further got my attention was what the PC was doing. He got up behind a podium and began rallying the citizenry to "Ask not what Vista can do for you, ask what you can buy for Vista!"

Earlier in the commercial, he had said many people are giving up on Vista for Macs, and many are downgrading back to XP. I still use XP, as I'm of the mindset that brand new stuff isn't always better, especially when it's technology. But I never expected to hear that the first-to-buy crowd would ultimately regret their decision to the extent of reversing it.

Sure, the iPhone came out at a price far higher than where it's at now. And sure, people who buy early are learning more and more that there are distinct perils and pitfalls that go with that. And sure, it's just an ad. But even so, the idea of masses of people choosing the previous OS over the current one from MicroSoft, one of the most powerful companies worldwide, it just amazing. It makes me wonder whether there is truth to the message of the commercial, and whether Vista will ever be scrapped. To be honest, I don't see that happening. To much time and money has been spent on developing it. I think all it needs is a little more development to become more popular than XP.

But can you imagine? A company like MicroSoft failing its consumers? Does this remind anyone else of a similar thing that recently happened in another industry? "And now, the latest thing from…Britney Spears!"

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    One Response to “Has Windows Vista Failed?”

    1. Swapnil Says:

      Vista is Failed is true,
      as i tried to installed old software it being to Dump files and stopped working and also the software is shown as installed but not working.

      (Software like Nero 6 and Alcohol 120)