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The Power Of Water And Positive Thought

A while back I watched, "What The Bleep Do We Know!?", a movie about quantum physics and the true nature of reality. There was a segment I found particularly intriguing, in which multiple microscope slides of water were shown. Each slide was accompanied by a short message. I believe originally, all the water was the same. However, at some point, a group of people was gathered and asked to focus on a single idea, which was represented by a specific short message. One idea, "Peace," was focused on, and a picture of a sample of water nearby was taken. They did the same thing for "Love" and a few other positive ideas. All the slides of the "positive" water samples contained beautiful crystalline structures. But there was one that looked a sickly yellow. Its accompanying message? "You make me sick. I will kill you."

That just blew my mind! The whole point was that your thoughts and feelings have a definite impact on the molecular structure of water. And since we're made up of 70% water ourselves, it is important to get our minds under control. The segment of the film I believe also had a sample of holy water, that was as beautiful under the microscope as had been the other "positive" samples.

So that's all well and good, I thought. Months went by and I hadn't heard anything relating to the concept of, "Think this and your water will do that." Until recently.

Yesterday I stumbled across a website called "Aquafrequencies: Super Health Through Light Frequency Software." I read about it at a forum, and then decided to see what the site was about. Apparently the creators behind the site have developed a software program that is used to charge up water with cures to various problems. Overweight? Use the fat loss function. Smoker? Use the function to quit smoking.

At first, I thought this looked cool. Interesting. Promising, even. After all, some of the information they provide is specialized knowledge that conveys how informed and educated these people are. The software itself is free to try for 15 days, but costs $30 for every 15 days after that, or $50 for every month. Or, if you were really hardcore, you could pay $300 for an unlimited license.

So I figured, wow, if it's really worth $300, there must be something to this! But of course, you can set the price of plain rocks at $1,000,000 per stone.

How does it work? Apparently, from what I can tell, you load the program and set up what you want it to do to your water, and the level of "power output." Then you put a glass of the purest water you can find near your computer's monitor, and focus on it. You think about the water, and imagine how you want it to change. "Fitness water…Water that will make me lean and toned…Happy water…Improve my mood…"

Sure, but how does the program work? Apparently it uses the light output in your monitor to send specific "frequencies" through space to alter the structure of the water. And you can do this remotely, if you'd believe it. From one room, you can charge up your bathwater. Then charge up a glass of water. Then go take a bath and drink from the glass at the same time.

Supposedly many people have had "miraculous" results with this program. I was reminded of an episode of one of my old favorite shows, "Sliders." In one of the later seasons, Quinn Mallory had fused with an alternate (an different-looking) version of himself to provide an exit for Jerry O'Connell and an entrance for a new actor. The character's name was changed to just "Mallory." In one episode, Mallory drank some special water containing nanobots that cure all ailments and communicate through frequencies of light. He then left the universe where he gained the water and visited a new universe, where he started a cult. See, the nanobots get into your brain. If someone else drinks the special water, they can communicate with you through the use of the nanobots and invisible beams of light. Mallory built a community with a single consciousness around the special water. Aquafrequencies also uses special water as a cure-all. Coincidence? Probably. Or is it?

Back to the forum. One person mentioned how this reminds them of the "magnet craze" that swept the populous a few years back. "Magnets cure everything!" Lots of people believed, and reported amazing benefits. But now that "industry" is suffering from the same woes experienced by a found-out snake-oil salesman. The person at the forum said they figure Aquafrequencies is just as bogus.

I've noticed a few things on the Aquafrequencies site that struck me as "extremely lame." Basically, they say, "If you use our program, then X should happen, which is good. But don't be alarmed if nothing happens at all, because there's a reason for that." So they make an excuse for if and when their system won't work. But why would they need to, if it really worked?

Here is the extensive, 6-page instruction manual. On page 2, it explains how to adjust the "power output." One suggestion says, "Start the slider at either 0% or 100% and move
the slider until it feels right." Sounds like things are starting to get a little less than concrete.

A little lower on the page are instructions for what to do with "prepped" water. "Drink the water, and note that this will also increase the effectiveness of both Bathing and Showering." Great! Let's get clean! But I'm sure they really mean, "It will increase the effectiveness of whatever you were trying to do, whether it be lose weight, quit smoking, or improve your skin." So why didn't they say that, instead of some weak generalization?

There's a page with ideas for "experiments" you can do, like "prep" some water and give it to your cat. They say, "Chances are the pet is going to prefer the treated one, although in some cases they might know something that we don't (like, I don't want that one – it has too much energy!)." What??!! The whole point is to give the water "energy," and now they're saying "watch out for too much?"

In "What The Bleep Do We Know!?" they had an entire group of people focus their minds, and they successfully changed the structure of multiple samples of water. A priest could also do this. So all it really takes is incredibly focused thought. I have no idea what the point of the Aquafrequencies program is. It seems superfluous.

Some of the benefits that have been reported include enhanced mood, more energy, and a oneness with oneself. Why? The use of the software entails drinking pure water and thinking pleasant thoughts. Whether the program works or not is uncertain, but what is certain is that drinking lots of pure water and thinking positive are two tried and tested methods for improving one's life. Maybe Aquafrequencies figured out that not many people do that, and that those people would allow some piece of software to steal the credit from two basic, natural principles. For shame! Unless it really does work…

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9 Responses to “The Power Of Water And Positive Thought”

  1. Jack Sparrow Says:

    I have an idea for ya, since it does seem like a crazy idea and an almost impossible concept, why not take on their 15 days of free use for a rip and see if it really does work?

    I mean, its not like millions of products out there that have to con you into buying it and then sadly you find out its a buncha crap. Why not give it a try and re-post a follow up thereafter?

    You might be surprised…like many of us were. Even the most skeptical like myself were pleasantly surprised within the time frame given of free use.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Jack!

    Allow me to counter with an idea of my own. Why don't we save a couple of weeks and instead of me evaluating the service, you post about all the things that happened to pleasantly surprise you.

    I mean if we're going after information, and you've already got it, why not share? Hearing the benefits from someone skeptical like you who's already been surprised would be better than just reading them off a pitch page.

  3. Jack Sparrow Says:


    Well I was definitely convinced this was just plain crazy. But I was to remain open minded to find out what exactly it was because it can't be a scam if they are letting you work it out for 15 days and then you decide afterward.

    So the first few times I was drinking the water, it was noticeably different tasting (3rd day it started to -feel- very different…thicker, thinner…among others). That really caught my eye. I mean, water is just water right? Not with this it seemed…so this really got my attention snagged so I wanted to try out the Bathing options (because they were highly touted as something as quite a feat) so I ran my first shower. It didn't do much. I was disapointed but it fed my skeptism. The ingested waters certainly kept their effects noticeable (beyond my belief) and after about the 5th shower…it hit me. It was like pure bliss when the water landed on my skin, it was easily the longest shower I had ever taken in my life. Texture, taste, feeling, it tingled every nerve, needless to say showers are a very different experience in the day now.

    It blew my mind…I couldn't say "I can't believe this" because it was very well happening right on me, all over me. Undeniable..and I eventually had come full circle and got interested and started to research the science (which is quite concrete though many of us regular folk never knew such) was Quantum Physics/Mechanics. It sounds crazy complex, but after reading some watered down articles and talking with the creators about it after….it made so much more sense and it actually made a big difference in how it felt, affected (changed my life in many ways in fact) and worked.

    So, theres some of my personal experiences of it…its definitely worth the first 15 days and an experience like none other (though I'm an owner of the program now). Though, on occasion there is the odd user who will not be receptive to it and they will blow up quickly saying its fake, even though there is hundreds of users right now using it and many on the sites forum discussing and helping develop it more and more. Pretty incredible stuff, even for a heavy skeptic like myself.

    At least, an x-skeptic towards this end of things now…


  4. admin Says:

    Hey, thanks for posting your experience! I'm always wary when there's something extremely complicated like medicine or quantum physics and someone says, "Just take my word, let me simplify things." It's great to hear about the real results behind the technology.

    That's cool. Joy water. Feels good, heightens the senses, and tingles the nerves.

    Once this idea reaches critical mass, hopefully the creators can engineer a fountain of youth! Or maybe they'll be keeping it all to themselves?

  5. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Its in there…their actually going to be releasing a new version that is going to be far better then the running one right now. You should check it out…couple more days they'll be releasing the new one (end of the week/weekend?)

    wont hurt ya…and its free so you cant go wrong. You might be able to post some of your own good experiences then.

  6. Aqua Source Theft Says:

    If you use this software you are only using stolen source from if you want the real deal go to where Peter Schenk stole the original source. He worked for this poor woman to gain information to make it himself and rob her blind. Shame on you. Remember You did this in front of all of us in her group we watched how you did this. You should be ashamed for stealing from such a wonderful woman who does so much for children and the world. I for one will help in the Boycott of Aquafrequencies and Aquaware and anything else Peter and his cotheft in crime Jason Davis. Buyers beware.

  7. ad Says:

    Aquafrequencies has dropped the "aquaware" and is now only peddling "neocode"

    I tried it for 15 days and it worked about 1/2 the time.

    It is important to realize that there is NO "frequency" for fat loss, or for "ecstacy", or for "euphoria", just a few of the intents they offer.

    In fact it is my own mind creating the effects, a well-known paradigm known as the placebo effect.

    There is absolutely NO interaction between the computer and the water. No magical frequencies are being distributed by your computer. It is all coming from your own mind.


  8. bull or not Says:

    i saw what the bleep do we know and it seemed very convincing till i realized one of the people interviewed is Ramtha and is "chaneled" by JZ Knight who is the president of the Ramtha School Of Enlighment, read a bit about it (Ramtha is a spirit of a man or something…extremely long story), that thing is kinda like a cult but not really. The people who made the movie all attend that school so now I'm thinking… wtf was i thinking hahaha. It's still very interesting but now I feel like maybe only half of it is true. And about that water thing… just use your own thoughts…dont waste your money! like AD said… its most likely the "Placebo Effect"

  9. frank Says:

    ok, ive "tested" this program spoken of and i'm not gonna say it works or does not work, however i will say that one can give a sugar pill to a patient with an ailment and in more cases than not the patient tends to overcome the ailment why??? simply because the human brain poses the chemicals to "heal" any given disease or ailment, they simply trick the mind so to speak thus manifesting a "healing". now i didn't pay however much they were asking me to but i did sure as hell get the free trial, whats the worst that could happen? it's healthier than lookin up random pages like this one, i personaly would sugest it.