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My WordPress Blog Is Attracting Scraper Sites?

I'm no black hat expert, but I have heard the term, "scraper site," which I believe is used to describe a site that is automated to scour the web for suitable content, which it then copies onto itself.

Over the past couple of weeks, Misinterpreted.org has apparently become mildly attractive to a few different scraper sites. I've received 13 comments so far from random sites that upon visiting display either a snippet of a certain post I made, or the entire post itself.

I remember learning a scraper site's goal is to capitalize on the content generated by owners of websites that aren't very well-known. I think what happens is the scrapers end up ranking in the search engines in the areas that really should be occupied by the owners of the scraped sites.

The fact that I've only gotten 13 comments so far doesn't really bother me, since I'd only worry if I was getting such comments left and right. And since each one contains a link back to a bogus site, I don't approve them.

The plus side is that each of my posts that has been copied onto another site features a link back here, so that's good. Although I wonder if Google and other search engines will penalize me for having a few "bad neighborhood" links?

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater… Don't scrape me, bro!

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