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iHate, A Video Satire On YouTube Haters, Spawns Real Version Of Itself

I haven't been visiting YouTube as often as I used to, so yesterday I thought I'd check it out. None of the videos really caught my eye, except for one with an interesting thumbnail. The image was of a logo that looked a little like this:

I thought, "Wow, what's that about?" Watching the video, I learned that it was a satire on all the negative comments out there on YouTube. A lot of people have been known to not put a lot of thought into what they say when they're feeling mean. iHate is a fictitious service that can correct that, by eliminating the need to come up with actual comments through a system that will generate them for you.

The video really was hilarious. And I just saw someone's post that now there's actually a real iHate, apparently in the same satiric spirit! It blew my mind…

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