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Night Of The Living Mouse (A Mouse In The House, Part Two)

A little while ago I made a post about a mouse that miraculously infiltrated my secret lair. The steps I took to assure his imminent and painful demise included an adhesive mousetrap and a sonic repellent device. Apparently, my efforts have been for naught…so far!

Last night, a little before going back in time from 2 a.m. to 1 a.m., I noticed the same black flash of fur, trailing the same path as I had glimpsed days before. Quickly I realized that the mouse may have stepped into the adhesive panel, as I knowingly placed it in his path, judging where he might return based on where he had already been. But alas, the trap was clean. So I redoubled my efforts.

I have since added, in addition to the current Anti-Mouse Weaponry, 2 d-CON mousetraps, using yellow processed cheese as bait. As well, I have added some cheese to bait the adhesive trap. I thought it didn't require bait to be effective, but baitless, the trap has proven itself unworthy.

So now, there are three separate mouse traps of two different kinds spaced around the mouse's apparent hangout area, plus the electronic high-frequency siren. Hopefully there will be further results to speak of.

I did have the thought that maybe it's not a mouse at all, but rather a gremlin-creature come to herald in the Apocalypse. We'll wait and see.

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