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Halloween Memories

Happy Halloween!

In honor of this candylicious scaretastic ghoulfest, I've decided to share a Halloween memory. My earliest recollection of trick or treating involves a TRICK! I guess that's why it stands out so clearly. I was with my mother, trekking from house to house in a nice neighborhood with sidewalks. On a side note, I took sidewalks for granted as a youth, but now I know better, having experienced life in a town with a clear disdain for them!

So I'm walking along with my candy bag, all decked out in full Halloween attire (What costume? No clue!), and I come to the next house on the block. My mother stayed at the curb, and I walked up the path to the front door. I think I heard some sort of party going on inside. I rang the bell, fully expecting another friendly candy handout. And out jumps this guy in a skull mask, shouting his head off. My first thought: "Where's the candy?" My second thought, which quickly replaced my first thought: "AAAAHHHH!!!!" I ran back to the safety of my mother, who warmly and calmly consoled me.

What happened next? Did I continue trick or treating? Or did we call it a night? I don't remember! But I do remember how I felt about the guy in the skull mask. I think at some level I was aware that it was just a mask, but the behavior of the character in the mask was so freaky, it combined with the mask's fear factor (rather than fake factor) to give me something to remember for…the rest of my life?

The lesson I learned that night? There's just as much truth to the Trick as to the Treat in "Trick or Treat!"

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