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SkyNet Is Real, And Consolidating Its Power

Have you heard of the Storm Worm? It's a virus that is subtly spreading through cyberspace. It gets into your computer through an infected link, and once it's in, gains control over your system. It has very few noticeable symptoms. That means that your computer could be infected right now, and you wouldn't even know it.

Apparently, thousands and thousands of computers are already affected, and there's no way to stop the Storm Worm from spreading to thousands more. All the computers infected make up a network that gives incredible power to whoever is orchestrating this whole thing, because all those computers can be used to run programs, send files, visit websites, and do pretty much anything the virus' creator wants. So far, however, very little has been done with Storm Worm computers, which is why they're so hard to find. A few web sites have been attacked, including one aimed at describing exactly how the Storm Worm works, but that's been about it.

In Terminator 3, a virus spread throughout the internet, infecting computers with itself. It turned out that a powerful U.S. government system called SkyNet had become self-aware, and was using the virus to gain control over every computer and machine it could.

People theorize that the Storm Worm's owner will only use his power when his network of infected PCs reaches into the hundreds of millions. What if the owner is SkyNet? What if AI has already emerged? And Judgment Day is today, 6 hours from now?

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7 Responses to “SkyNet Is Real, And Consolidating Its Power”

  1. Jason Altenburg Says:

    OMG I knew it.

  2. Brian Dost Says:

    is this really possible because i have been thinking about this a lot lately and wanted 2 know about this sort of thing?

  3. admin Says:

    Yes, I've read that the Storm Worm is really real, and as far as that part of the post goes, it's already happening.

    As for the SkyNet part, I do believe it's very possible. The Technological Singularity is said to be a few decades off, but you never know. It could be tomorrow.

  4. Kenny Says:

    Oh wow scary!

    It's real

  5. agent 0138 Says:

    It happens but not the way you people of today see it on hollywood movies. People in this time need to shut off there computers and t.v.s and start thinking for themselves the future depends on sane,bright,itel individuals. Skynet of this time is not the same as portraid on hollywood scrypts.

  6. anon Says:

    The thing about AI is that the foundations of a global AI already exists, there are an innumerable amount of programs which can literally "think" just like humans, only we have to give them the parameters. They think much faster and much more accurately than we do, a computer is never wrong…

    So what we have is a disembodied mind waiting for direction, if it is ever able to direct itself we have a big problem, it will have access to everything, all of our knowledge and everything we have created.

    If it happens, it will first build itself a better physical connection to 'our' world. The sad thing is that if we don't stop it things will get really ugly, you've seen what we can do with biology, what will the machines do?? A mechanical virus that takes over your brain and uses the vast resources therein for its own purposes? Nobody can understand the implications and thats very dangerous.

    The best any of us can do right now is to see the components that are already existent in our infrastructure. CCTV watching major metropolitan areas, combined with new innovations in image recognition and optical data analysis could land us in a Matrix scenario, where our environment is controlled by a computer.

    Anyone get infected with the redirect virus? Even after you win the fight with the trojans and the malware (which are just cataloging devices used by a partially assembled global AI) you still have to deal with the fact the all the virus's actually rewrote the way your operating system works, to it's advantage.

    These are all key characteristics of what i would call the end of innocence in an informational aspect, we played god, lets hope what we created doesn't end us.

  7. the governator Says:

    yes skynet is real
    if u want proof click on my name