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Nintendo Entertainment System and the Wii: Pioneering A New World

Remember Nintendo? The original, I mean. I remember when it first came out, it was THE THING. Everybody had to get one. If you weren't playing Nintendo, you were behind the times, man. But now, what has happened? Are games and game systems still that important?

I'd say yes if you're a gamer, but no if you're not. If you're heavy into video games, then of course the newest, coolest system is where it's at. But Nintendo broke down barriers when it came onto the market. Are there systems that still do that?

Sega Genesis came out, and it was a competitor. It took things to the next level, but it wasn't amazing the way the Nintendo was. The NES was outstanding because there wasn't really anything like it (if you weren't into Atari). So all the systems that came after it were really just upgrades, but not earth-shatteringly new, completely unique, never-seen-before inventions. Even the X-Box and PS3 seem just like faster, cleaner, more powerful systems. I guess it depends on the game.

Except the Wii is so unique and different, it looks like Nintendo's changing the face of gaming again. I read that the Wii isn't for hardcore gamers. That means it's one of those things that everybody can enjoy. Which means that we just might be entering a new golden age of gaming.

What if the Wii is just the first step toward a world of active games, where you've got to move to play? How much further can we take it? And will Nintendo be the only brand to explore the potential of active gaming? Or will Sony and Microsoft follow suit? And will Apple finally develop a new system? A devastatingly awesome system? Only time will tell!

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