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New Reason What Doesn't Kill You Will Make You Stronger

In "The One," Jet Li played a dimension-jumping killer, whose victims all shared one thing in common. They were him! Alternate versions of himself, from different dimensions. Every version was connected by a multidimensional link of power. Whenever one of him died, the dead guy's portion of that link was divided among the rest, causing all of them to become stronger, smarter, and faster. His goal was to kill all the other versions of himself, until he became, "The One," essentially a god.

Now to the old phrase, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." It makes sense that surviving a life-threatening scenario will strengthen you. You'll be more experienced, more aware, and better prepared to escape a similar deadly event in the future. However, let's take the argument behind "The One" into account.

According to scientists, for every possible outcome of an event, there is a distinct, separate universe in which that specific outcome comes to fruition.

So, if you're in a car crash, and you barely survive, that's great — you made it. But you could have died. Which means that you did die, in some other universe.

If there really were a multidimensional power link between all the versions of a person, that would mean that you just became stronger, with the relinquished power of your now-deceased alternate counterpart.

However, there is one hitch here. In "The One," there were a limited number of universes, 125 to be exact. So that would mean that there wouldn't have been a separate universe for each version of a scenario.

In our scientists' way of thinking, though, there is a separate universe for each outcome, meaning there is an infinite number of universes. So if a multidimensional power link does exist, it is divided an infinite number of times. In the car crash, you might have died a million different ways, meaning that in a million different universes, you did die, so theoretically you would become a million times stronger, right?

Well, maybe for the question of "Does a multidimensional power link really exist?", this universe is for the outcome, "No."

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